Have a slimmer face without surgery

The beauty trend that continues to be widely popular in many Asian countries like Korea is the v-shaped face. It is considered as one of the most coveted face shape because it gives you a slimmer, more feminine and more youthful appearance. This ideal face shape refers to a slender face with chin and jaw forming a v-shape. Nowadays, many Asians desire for v-shaped face, and it even became a “must-have” look in Korea. It is ideal for those bothered with bloated, round or puffy face and double chin.

One of our Belo Babies, Julia Montes used to be so insecure with her chubby cheeks and round face. After a combination of non-surgical slimming treatments, she can now face the camera with confidence because her jawline is noticeably more defined and she has that desirable v-shaped face. There are many ways to achieve this kind of face shape, from invasive to non-invasive treatments. The best way to reshape the face is to reduce the fat and firm up the skin. Belo has various non-invasive, non-surgical treatments for slimming the face. Depending on your needs, a Belo doctor will recommend the best treatment/s suited for you.

You too can have a slimmer face without surgery like Julia!

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