The ultimate skin whitening solution you’ll ever need

Summer has now long been gone, but so is your fair and glowing skin! After all those beach escapades, road trips and music festivals that you did this past summer, your skin have been exposed to so much sun damage! Oh no, what to do?

We are finally revealing the program that has been making a lot of celebrities’ skin fairer, more radiant, and younger looking. This intensive whitening system from Belo is committed to give you that ultimate and healthy glow you’ve always deserved. Guaranteed to make you 5 shades lighter!

The Belo Lumina Whitening Program is the latest and ultimate solution to skin whitening. We know skin whitening like no other because it has been one of the most common requests in Belo for the past several years. That is why our research team has spent years developing this skin whitening system.

The said program includes Belo’s best whitening body treatments and most sought-after injectable whitening agents, complemented with orally-taken capsules and topical products to further help in the lightening process. A patient usually takes about a month to finish all the sessions and complete the program. If done properly and religiously, this comprehensive system works very well in achieving smoother, fairer, and more even colored skin.

We’ve also developed a program so you can have gorgeous and fair underarms anytime, anywhere! Admit it, dark underarms is a very common source of insecurity. That issue’s got to stop now. Through Belo Lumina Ampits, you can get rid of unwanted hair, excessive sweat, and dark spots – all at the same time. Break away from sleeves and show off those gorgeous underarms with confidence, ladies!

Try our #BeloLumina program and be the fairest of them all! Click here to book an appointment. Call 819-BELO (2356) for more details.