It’s no secret that moms go through a lot of changes during and after pregnancy. Moreover, they are usually so busy pampering their loved ones that often times they forget to pamper themselves. We’re here to help so we list down 3 surefire tips to make you a Belo Hot Mama!

  1. Love yourself

Loving yourself more each day can have a huge positive impact on your well-being and change how you view things around you. Life suddenly gets a lot more bearable even though you’re just running on 3-hour sleep and you still have a gazillion unchecked items on your to-do list.  Loving yourself also means reminding yourself that you deserve some TLC too! Yes, you’re a mom, but you’re also a woman whose needs and wants need to be fulfilled too. So go ahead, go shopping, take long baths, have a mani/pedi — you will surely feel good about yourself after.

  1. Address your post-pregnancy concerns

Sometimes it can be hard looking into a mirror because all you see is a tired-looking face, not-so-sexy post-baby belly, and warts and darkened spots all over!  Those are normal given the changes your body has undergone but you must also do something about it!  Check out our Top 5 post-baby problems and solutions so you can go back to looking and feeling beautiful even after giving birth! 

  1. Be confident

Groom yourself, dress nicely, exercise, smile more often, and kill any negative thoughts. These are just some of the ways that can instantly boost your self-confidence and make you feel good about yourself. After all, being a Belo Hot Mama is not only on the physical core, it’s also about feeling good from within.

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Please note that this is just a guide and one of our Belo doctors still need to assess the patient for best treatments suited for you. Some treatments may not be advisable for breastfeeding moms.