Everyone still can’t get over the Miss Universe hype! It’s a true testament that a lot of us adore or even wish to be beauty queens. Now wouldn’t it be sweet if your partner professes that you are his one and only Beauty Queen?

With Belo Thermage, you can look and feel just like that! In fact, it’s the favorite Belo treatment of our newest Belo Baby — Miss Universe 1993 Dayanara Torres. At 42, she doesn’t seem to age at all! All thanks to good genes and a little bit of Belo Thermage magic.

Performed with the best techniques and coupled with years of experience of our Belo doctors make this premium, no downtime, non-surgical treatment a popular choice among our discerning patients, #BeloBaby Dayanara included.  Also, Belo Medical Group has been given the first and only Black Diamond award for being the number one Thermage clinic in the country for 10 years.

Aside from proven track record, it’s also a certified sought after Belo treatment because of how it makes patients have naturally younger looking skin which lasts for 1 year or even more. And after the treatment, they can see instant results that keep on getting better over time.

You too can rule your own #BeloUniverse! Ask us how you can have Beauty Queen looking skin that has no sags, bags and folds! (P.S. Don’t miss this chance to get P10,000 worth of GCs for selected treatments when you avail of Belo Thermage until March 31, 2017 only).

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