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Be the first to learn about our exclusive offers, and newest treatments!

December 21, 2016 - By Belo Medical Group

Belo Patients’ Liposuction Journey

Smart Liposuction journey

Sunshine Dizon definitely took the social media world by storm when her video on “How to Move on After a Failed Relationship” became viral. Many women admired the actress even more for being able to handle the issue so gracefully. Sunshine didn’t let a bad breakup take over her life completely; she focused her love and attention to her loved ones and more importantly, on herself.

What boosted her self-confidence is doing things that made her look and feel better—she ate healthily, worked out, and went to Belo. But her biggest moment was when she had a Smart Liposuction done by Belo, which she wasn’t too shy to admit. After all, it helped her lose a whooping 30 lbs. and 10 inches!

With Smart Liposuction by Belo, you can get your sexy body back. With continuous diet and exercise it can look even better, as in the case of Sunshine.

Aside from Sunshine, we’re also proud to share with you the Belo beautiful liposuction journey of our two patients whose lives have drastically changed after having this surgical procedure. This treats body adiposities through the laser’s ability to dissolve or liquefy unwanted body fat with heat. In as fast as 2 hours, patients can achieve their most desired body.

Dr. Mia Gapuz Smart Liposuction Patient

Here’s Dr. Mia Gapuz, a Belo patient since 2007, who’s really happy to see significant effects (physically and health-wise) after her Smart Liposuction procedure. She’s been overweight since childhood, and this beautiful transformation helped boost her self-esteem. Since she was greatly satisfied with the result she has seen (from waist line of 45 inches to 26 inches), it inspires her to continuously lose weight and stay fit.

Cassie Natividad Smart Liposuction Patient

Here’s Cassie Natividad who gained extra pounds after pregnancy. From 190 lbs., she’s now 32 lbs. lighter after having Smart Liposuction. It is the best way to achieve a more sculpted and shapely body by addressing and eliminating fatty problem areas that simple diet and exercise cannot target.

If you want to learn more about Smart Liposuction by Belo, Call 819-BELO (2356) or send us a message.