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Be the first to learn about our exclusive offers, and newest treatments!

June 26, 2020 - By Belo Medical Group

Brighter Days Ahead with Belo Skin Genius

Isabelle Daza Belo Skin Genius

As with everything in life, the clouds always part to reveal brighter days ahead. Many months ago, we decided we wanted a fresh new campaign that embodied this positive spirit, in the form of a stunning muse, the bright backdrop of Malibu Beach, California, and, at center stage, a revolutionary new machine. We’re finally ready to reveal Isabelle Daza as the face of Belo Skin Genius, our most advanced treatment which combines the power of RF energy and insulated microneedling for instantly tighter, smoother skin.

Belo Medical Group enlisted the help of creative director Martine Cajucom-Ho to bring this campaign to life, and the results remind us of long-lost summers, freedom, and happier days…

Skin Genius has actually been available at our clinics for quite some time now—and it’s loved by the likes of Jinkee Pacquiao, Iza Calzado, Morissette Amon, Jane de Leon, David Guison, and more. And that’s because it’s a powerful multitasker. With Skin Genius, you can get the immediate tightening effects of Thermage FLX, plus the texture-improving effects of a microneedling routine, all in a single 40-minute treatment. Best of all, the results get better over time and will last you for many months to come.

It’s fantastic for replenishing your collagen and elastin, too. “It helps replenish collagen in your skin. Something Dra. Belo always mentions is that from the time we’re born until we get older, we lose collagen in our bodies,” Belle explains. “And we need that to keep the skin elastic.”

You might be wondering: why is it called Skin Genius? Well, its delivery of radiofrequency is intelligent, meaning that the machine applies just the right amount of heat needed for each square inch of skin. “The reason it’s called ‘Genius’ is it adjusts to different skin thicknesses,” explains Dr. Vicki Belo, who did Belle’s treatment. “So if there’s thin skin in one area, it only delivers a certain amount of correct energy. It changes depending on your skin. You can’t deliver the same energy [on your upper cheek] as you do [on your jawline].”

“That’s why I love the machine, because it’s always recalibrating,” gushes Dr. Belo. “And it’s exclusive to Belo Medical Group. It’s popular all over the world.” The waiting period to order a Lutronic Skin Genius machine is six months, and only Belo offers the treatment here in the Philippines.

After Belle’s quick treatment, she couldn’t help but notice the lift it gave her, which instantly made her feel more youthful. “You know what I love about it? It’s so subtle. Everyone’s gonna look, like, ‘Wow, you slept well.’ The eyes are definitely more open,” she shared during her time with Dr. Belo. Belle loves that she can keep people guessing with these results: they’re not so dramatic that people will sit up to take notice, but they’re just enough to make someone think, “She looks amazing lately. Something’s different about her, but I can’t point my finger on what it is.” And that boost of confidence is enough to uplift you.

When we feel confident, we tend to embrace a more positive outlook. For many of us, how we look on the outside can do wonders for how we experience and appreciate life. Belo Skin Genius doesn’t just lift the skin—the confidence it gives you can lift your mood and demeanor, allowing you to truly look forward to brighter days ahead. And what could be better than that?

If you’re looking for the same amazing results, Belo Skin Genius could be right for you. We encourage you to visit one of our clinics to speak with our doctors. Or, if you like, you can book a Belo Online Consultation at The Belo Shop.

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