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What It’s Really Like To Get Arm Liposuction

We got the scoop from real patients!

Get Arm Liposuction

For many women, their arms have always been an insecurity—especially since diets and exercises can’t always target this problem area. If you’re considering to get Arm Liposuction and want to get slimmer, toned-looking arms, read our Q&A with these real patients to discover what it was like and why they think undergoing the procedure is worth it.

Veronica Baluyut Before and After get Arm Liposuction
Veronica Baluyut, 39 years old, Corporate Affairs and Compliance Officer

Q: What made you decide to get arm liposuction?

A: After giving birth, I kept complaining about my flabby arms to my husband (an example of my rants: “Ang taba ko. Taba ko talaga.”). I felt like my arms were heavy and I couldn’t wear clothes with short sleeves anymore. My self-confidence was gone and I felt envious whenever I’d see women who just gave birth, pero payat pa din.

Q: What made you decide to push through with the surgery?

A: I wanted smaller arms. I had a really good experience when I had my consultation about arm liposuction at Belo. My doctor explained everything so well and she answered all of my questions. Belo has the most experienced doctors, a well-trained staff, and Belo is number in cosmetic surgery in the Philippines. Naturally, I wanted to go there to get the best results.

Q: How did you prepare for the procedure?

A: I ate healthy food, took vitamins–especially iron, and got enough sleep.

Q: What was the operation like?

A: At first nakakaba, but it’s a minor surgery lang pala. I went back to work a day after a day of my surgery. My arms felt stiff and sore and I also experienced some pain and swelling. But I was already expecting this since my doctor explained this during my consultation. Everything was very tolerable. After the procedure, I had to take a round of meds (like antibiotics) and clean the incisions twice a day. I also had to wear a compression band.

Q: When did you see results?

A: Immediately, but I saw the big change in my arms after only 4 weeks. My arms became smaller and I felt so payat and sexy.

Q: What was the reaction of your family and friends after seeing the results?

A: Some would say, “Ang tapang mo naman…hindi ba masakit?” But I mostly got a lot of “Ang payat mo na!” comments. They said kahit chubby ka pala, ’pag smaller ang arms mo, you look payat na. Pwede makadaya sa mga chubby.

Q: Would you do lipo again if you had the chance?

A: Yes, of course I’ll do it again! I don’t regret my decision to get arm liposuction at Belo, since the whole process was awesome and I really love the results. It’s also helped me have a better lifestyle, because I’m eating 1,200 calories a day and running twice a week to make sure I maintain the results.

Q: How do you feel now after the arm liposuction procedure?

A: Very happy! I can wear sleeveless now and I can flaunt my thinner arms. Shopping galore ng sleeveless!

Ma. Cecilia M. Gregorio before and after get arm liposuction

Ma. Cecilia M. Gregorio, 49 years old, Branch Operations Head

Q: Why did you decide to get arm liposuction?

A: I really wanted thinner and firm looking arms. I love wearing sleeveless blouses, but I felt conscious every time because I feel like everybody’s looking at my big and sagging arms.

Q: How did you prepare for the surgery?

A: I scheduled a consultation with my doctor from Belo first. The whole experience was very encouraging and informative. All my fears went away after the initial consultation because the doctor explained it in a manner that made me feel secure and excited—especially when we discussed the projected results that I can get from the arm liposuction procedure. Other than that, no other major preparations for the surgery. I just went through the usual medical clearance (cardio, blood test, etc.) that my doctor required.

Q: What was the actual arm liposuction procedure like?

A: It was quick and easy. I didn’t feel anything after sedation. When I woke up, they were already putting on the binder and the procedure was done! Recovery was a bit uncomfortable during the first week because I needed help to apply the meds, clean up the incisions, and manage the pad covers for the wound. The good thing is, I didn’t feel any pain after two days and I was back to my normal activities after one to two weeks. I also began exercising after a month.

Q: When did you see results?

A: Immediately! My arms became thinner, even if there was still swelling. After just one month, my arms became even thinner and firmer.

Q: How do you feel about your arms now?

A: After arm liposuction, I feel like I’ve regained confidence in wearing clothes that show off my beautiful arms. I always share this life-changing experience with relatives and friends! To make sure I maintain the results, I always try to eat a balanced diet and do a lot of arm exercises.

Q: Speaking of relatives and friends, what were their reactions after seeing the results?

A: When they first found out I was getting the surgery, they were a bit scared. But after they saw the results, a lot of my friends wanted to do it as well. I actually received a lot of requests from my relatives, friends & even friends of friends—they all wanted me to schedule an arm liposuction consultation/endorsement for them!

Q: If you could do it all over again, would you still get arm liposuction?

A: Definitely, a big yes!!! It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. My thighs are my next project!

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