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Be the first to learn about our exclusive offers, and newest treatments!

January 4, 2018 - By Belo Medical Group

How To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

how to gert rid of dark circles

If all the sleepless nights are starting to show on your face, here’s your battle plan to get rid of dark circles.

Nothing says ‘I’m tired’ more than the sight of dark circles. But don’t fret—we’ve got the scoop on the latest treatment that can help you banish this common beauty dilemma!

Here’s the truth: If you don’t get enough sleep every night, love eating sugary snacks, and skip the eye cream, you will wake up with raccoon-looking, saggy undereyes—yikes! The good news is, there’s a new laser therapy treatment that can help you battle this beauty dilemma called the Angel Whitening Laser. Read on to why this dark circles treatment is fast becoming popular in the Philippines!

This non-invasive procedure uses short bursts of energy to shatter the pigments on your skin, without causing stress to the surrounding areas. “The treatment feels like a hot rubber band snapping on your face, so there’s no pain involved,”says Dr. Nikki San Luis, associate physician at the Belo Medical Group. And don’t worry, there’s zero downtime, too! Curious to see how it works? Watch the video below! Model and mom influencer, Nicole Hernandez, is a huge fan.

Anyone can get the Angel Whitening treatment, and Dr. San Luis suggests doing it once a month for at least three months to see comparable results. But if you want to speed up the skin lightening process, you can also combine your Angel Whitening treatments with MesoEyes, which involves microinjections to deliver special medicine into the skin’s middle layer—or mesoderm—treating skin discoloration in an instant.

Got a skin question? Whatever your cosmetic concern is, the Belo Medical Group has a solution to all your beauty woes. Book an appointment with any of our physicians at or call 819-BELO(2356)).

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