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Be the first to learn about our exclusive offers, and newest treatments!

May 23, 2020 - By Belo Medical Group

The Belo Shop Products Jess Wilson Used to Clear Her Quarantine Breakouts

She got amazing results in just a few weeks!

Belo Shop Products Jess Wilson

Experiencing acne while in isolation? Trust us—you’re definitely not alone. Unusual breakouts are a popular occurrence while under quarantine, and there are a myriad of reasons behind it. Acne can be brought about by COVID-induced stress or anxiety (especially for frontliners). General feelings of helplessness can also cause us to fall off our regular routines, causing skin to rebel. And believe it or not, our lack of exposure to antibacterial UV light isn’t helping matters, either! 

One such victim of the quarantine breakout is co-founder of Sunnies Face and bride-to-be Jess Wilson, who had “been breaking out like never before in the last few weeks of quarantine,” she said on her Instagram Stories last April 21. “I have no idea why, but [I’ve] been reading articles online about it and seeing people talk about it…so it seems I’m not alone.”


Like most of us, Jess was planning to be more conscientious of her skincare routine while under lockdown. “I had very high hopes of taking extra care of my skin during the lockdown with creams and face masks, but for some reason, my skin flared up and was out of control. I had pimples like never before,” she told her Instagram followers on May 7. “New ones [appeared] every day, no matter how meticulous I was being with cleaning and applying pimple creams.”

During the fourth week of ECQ, Jess had the “worst breakout ever.” She was “so stressed and sad about my skin, but didn’t want to let it bother me.” Self-medication only made matters worse. “I tried to treat it with stuff I had at home like salicylic acid and oil control cleansers, but [it] just kept getting worse.”

Finally, Jess turned to Belo for help. “[Belo] quickly called me up to see what my skin looked like, tried to understand the cause of what might be irritating my skin, and sent me a list of products to clear up my skin.” 

Here’s the routine that saved Jess’ skin. Every single one of these products is available at the Belo Shop!

“All the small pimples have cleared up!” Jess said last May 7. “I get small ones every now and then, but nowhere near what I had a few weeks ago. Plus, my skin looks extra glowy, which is a result of the creams I was prescribed. I know it’s the least of concerns right now, but [I] just wanted to share this so it doesn’t have to be a problem of yours at all.”
Want to end your quarantine breakouts? Just follow Jess’ lead and book a free live consultation with a Belo MD by emailing info@belomed.com. If you’re prescribed any products, you can get them from the Belo Shop in 7 working days or less! Bye-bye, acne!

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