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Be the first to learn about our exclusive offers, and newest treatments!

December 8, 2017 - By Belo Medical Group

How To Look Younger & Sexier For The Holidays—Without The Surgery

Trust us—they won’t be able to tell why you look so gorgeous and slim all of a sudden.

Looking sexier in holiday party photos and reunions is always a plus. Check out these recommendations for painless, non-surgical slimming treatments. The best part? Zero downtime and jaw-dropping results.

If you want a… V-shaped jawline, just like your favorite Korean idols

Try This: Belo Botox Masseter

How It Works: This pain-free and non-surgical procedure involves injecting Botox in the masseter muscle (along your jawline, underneath the ear area) to help slim down the lower half of your face. The best face slimming and jaw reduction results can be seen in about 2 to 8 weeks, so make sure you schedule accordingly.

If you want a…slimmer body for New Year’s Eve parties

Try This: Belo V-Contour Body + Exilis

How It Works: Model, host, and newbie mom Georgina Wilson swears by this 25-minute treatment, which torches fat in stubborn areas like your waist, abdomen, and face, using injections made from all-natural plant extracts. “The V-Contour Body is best coupled with Exilis, a radio frequency treatment that tones and tightens the skin,” says Dr. Joey Muñoz of the Belo Medical Group.

If you want to…smoothen wrinkles on your face in time for the class reunion

Try This: Belo Meso Botox

How It Works: This so-called lunchtime procedure takes just 30 minutes to give you an instant lift or a slight pull—perfect for girls who need a quick pick-me-upper. There may be a bit of bruising, but it’s nothing that a little concealer can’t fix.


If you want to…lessen your binge-eating at the Christmas table

Try This: Belo Herbal Diet Pills

How It Works: The pills condition your body, brain, and tummy to curb cravings. For best results, take them for 10 consecutive days, and resume after a 10-day rest period. Not a huge fan of diet pills? “Try Belo’s L-Carnitine injections instead, which increase metabolism and turn body fat into useful energy,” adds Dr. Muñoz.

If you want…total face and body contouring

Try This: Belo Venus Freeze

How It Works: This tightening treatment uses RF technology to burn fat, smoothen wrinkles, and firm up your skin. It can also be used to sculpt or contour different body parts like your face, neck and upper body, and it only takes 20 minutes. When combined with the V-Contour treatment, you’ll be able to see results after just one or two sessions.

Want to create a customized #Belofied slimming program for you? Click here to schedule a consultation or call us at 819-BELO.