The not-so-pretty changes seen in the skin, face and body after pregnancy could easily make moms who just gave birth feel less than beautiful about themselves.  Add to that the fact that they usually lack sleep, stressed out and dead tired with the countless duties they have to fulfill for their babies and family. Sounds familiar? Relax, take a breather, and realize you deserve a “me” time, too! Here, we list down the top 10 best kept post-pregnancy beauty secrets you must know!

  1. Get your much needed TLC

Moms need not be guilty if they take the time off to pamper themselves! There’s no harm in wishing you have fresh-looking, tight lifted and contoured face, with no sign of sleepless nights! Make that possible with any of the following: Facial, Mesoeyes, Hydrafirm or Instalift.

  1. Lighten dark spots

Darkened spots due to hormonal changes brought about by pregnancy can be remedied by the following treatments: Picosure, Revlite, Body Scrub, and Belo Whitening Cream. Got dark skin and dark underarms concerns? Lumina Body and Lumina Armpits are among our best-sellers!

  1. Smooth away stretch marks

Ever felt conscious about your post-partum body because of those unsightly stretch marks? Make those marks less visible and improve your skin texture with Picosure or C02 treatment.

  1. Tighten your tummy

The easy way to completely eliminate sagging skin and tighten post-baby belly without diet or exercise is thru Tummy Tuck.

  1. Get back your glow

Bounce back to your pre-baby beauty and healthy glow with a dose of IV Glutathione.

  1. Clear warts instantly

Prevent warts from growing or spreading to other parts of your body or to your loved ones with our precise and scar-less Carbon Dioxide Laser treatment.

  1. Hydrate your skin

It’s no secret that drinking plenty of water and applying moisturizing lotion can leave your skin hydrated. But your beauty routine doesn’t have to stop there! Why not go the extra mile and have Hydrafacial for your face and Wet and Dry Dermabrasion for your body? The results are amazing and you get soft as a baby skin!

  1. Pamper your locks

You might notice hair fall is suddenly a lot more than the usual in the 3-4 months after delivery. Though there’s nothing to panic about since hair loss is temporary during this phase, it’s still good to nourish and pamper your crowning glory while it returns to normal amount of hair fall after a few months. Our thickening shampoo and conditioner are your instant BFF during this time! You can also can opt for our state-of-the-art scar-less Hair Transplant procedure if you want to add more volume to your hair.

  1. Don’s stop taking vitamins

You can’t afford to get sick especially when your baby and family depend on you! Worry no more! Multivitamin Infusion to the rescue! It instantly gives an energy booster and immunity so you stay healthy.

  1. Get rid of post-baby belly

Unwanted bulges aka post-baby belly is really hard to completely get rid of with just diet and exercise! Some of our most-loved non-surgical slimming treatments by moms include Exilis and our newest SculpSure. If you opt to go the surgical way, Laser Lipo is your best alternative to instantly go back to your normal waist line.

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Please note that this is just a guide and one of our Belo doctors still need to assess the patient for best treatments suited for you. Some treatments may not be advisable for breastfeeding moms.  

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