#BeloConfessions: Here’s What Happened When I Got A Nose Job

Ever wondered what it’s like to actually go under the knife for a nose job? 25-year old Sam, who’s also part of Belo’s #SelfieSquad, tell us her side of the story. Good-looking noses run in my family. But unfortunately, the “nice nose” gene skipped me and just went to my other siblings. Can you imagine… Read more »

3 Beauty Tips We Learned From Marian Rivera

Her anti-aging secret and easy travel tips are totally perfect for #lazygirlbeauty! Most celebrity beauty routines tend to be complicated and they usually involve endless unboxings of kikay kits. And although there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s also refreshing to discover low-maint routines that work, too—especially since we can relate to them even more. Check… Read more »

She’s Back! The Slimming Procedures Georgina Used To Get Back In Shape

Because it’s not always that easy—especially if you’re a new mom. As everyone now knows, It girl, entrepreneur, and model Georgina Wilson-Burnand has taken on her most challenging role yet: that of new mother to one of the most adorable babies you’ll ever see on Instagram, Archie. “My favorite thing about motherhood is the fact… Read more »

4 Reasons Why Women Undergo Laser Liposuction

There’s a common perception that people who go under the knife are always chasing physical perfection. While there’s really nothing wrong in striving for perfection in the looks department (if it makes people happy why not, right?), this perception is not 100% true. Take a look for example liposuction, one of the most common surgeries in… Read more »

Aging gracefully with new skin technology

Aging is a natural process in life where one peaks at wisdom, refinement, and maturity. Biology also teaches that in aging, the body learns to acknowledge that there are lines you need to accept, and marks and creases that signify conspicuously as experiences lived well. While youth is a fleeting blessing, technology enables women to… Read more »

Here’s how you can be his one and only Beauty Queen!

Everyone still can’t get over the Miss Universe hype! It’s a true testament that a lot of us adore or even wish to be beauty queens. Now wouldn’t it be sweet if your partner professes that you are his one and only Beauty Queen? With Belo Thermage, you can look and feel just like that!… Read more »

Valentine’s Giveaway – 30 Days of Love Cards Box Set

Spread good vibes everyday this love month with Belo’s 30 Days of Love Cards! Each box has 30 unique message cards that you can share to friends, family and special someone to instantly uplift their day! Get a FREE box each for you and your plus one (e.g. friend, family, partner) when both of you… Read more »

Belo Beautiful Journey of Laser Liposuction Patients

Sunshine Dizon definitely took the social media world by storm when her video on “How to Move on After a Failed Relationship” became viral a few months ago. Many women admired her even more for being able to handle the issue so gracefully. She didn’t let a bad breakup take over her life completely. She… Read more »

Give yourself the gift of timeless beauty

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We can now feel the cold breeze at night, see Christmas decorations everywhere, hear children singing Christmas carols, and of course get to eat our holiday favorites, queso de bola and ham! Yet it can also be stressful because of all the traffic jam in the metro,… Read more »