Many of you have always dreamed of being a #BeloBaby, but what if you could be a GLOBAL BEAUTY AMBASSADOR instead?

For the first time, FILLMED—the company behind the skin quality-enhancing NCTF that we use in our LuminoVitaGlow and BioNutriGlow treatments—is launching an international competition to select its 8 new faces. Our Belo doctors now have the chance to become casting directors, and you—yes, YOU!—will get a chance to become the new faces of FILLMED.

The winners will be the new faces of FILLMED and will appear in international campaigns and social media. Prize will include an ALL-EXPENSE-PAID PHOTOSHOOT IN PARIS, FRANCE!

  • 18 and above
  • Have tried Belo LuminoVitaGlow and/or Belo BioNutriGlow
    at least once before
  • Adhere to a healthy way of living: diet, moderate exercise, and a
    balanced lifestyle
  • to your Belo doctor today about how to enter!

If you haven't tried Belo LuminoVitaGlow or Belo BioNutriGlow
yet, now is the time to...


Casting period ends on 15 May 2020. Winners shall be selected via online poll.