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Be the first to learn about our exclusive offers, and newest treatments!


Always contouring your nose or turning your face to find that picture-perfect angle? Give your features an upgrade with the Rhinoplasty procedure to make your face appear more symmetrical, balanced, and naturally attractive. And since achieving the perfect nose shape can vary from culture to culture and person to person, the doctors at the Belo Medical Group expertly customize and sculpt your nose to give you the best and most face-flattering results you’ll love. Here’s how:

  • This procedure aims to enhance the bridge of flat noses and is commonly done with patients with predominantly Asian features. This entails insertion of custom-fit autologous (cartilage) for subtle and natural look or non-autologous ePTFE (Gore-tex) implant, which is very biocompatible, it’s even used in cardiovascular tissue repair.
  • This procedure is perfect for patients with drooping or up-turned nasal tip. We use the ear cartilage to simulate the softness and contour or the natural nose.
  • This procedure reduces protruding bony and cartilaginous structures, also known as the nasal hump, which is more predominant in Europeans, Indians, and those of Middle Eastern descent.
  • Better suited for patients with alar flaring and skin excess or hanging alae. Also known as trimming of the nostrils via an internal incision, thereby leaving no scars along the rim. Alar-bunching can also be done to compliment the alarplast, it aims to narrow the width of the nose.


The Results

The numbers don’t lie. After more than thousands of Nose Enhancement procedures done in the past 27 years of experience, there is no doubt that the Belo Medical Group is a known and trusted expert when it comes to creating natural-looking nose using implants, repair of cleft lip noses, and total reconstruction using rib. Together with the country’s leading and in-demand Rhinoplasty Surgeons, the Belo Medical Group works in fusion with the professionally-trained clinic staff to give their patients the best care possible throughout the surgical process and even after the procedure.

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