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Be the first to learn about our exclusive offers, and newest treatments!

Facials and Peels


This gentle yet very potent procedure combines three skin quality-perfecting remedies:

  1. Time Peel – a unique gluconolactone-based peel that addresses wrinkles and textural issues;
  2. NCTF or New Cellular Treatment Factor – a nutrient-rich complex that creates an ideal cellular environment for amplified collagen production;
  3. LED Photorejuvenation – rebalances and rejuvenates the skin while increasing the potency of both the Time Peel and the NCTF.
    Best results are appreciated after 3 sessions done 3 weeks apart.

***Gluconolactone is the active ingredient in the Bright Peel, Time Peel and Light Peel (by Laboratoires FillMed®). This ingredient improves the barrier function of our skin, thus resulting in a unique smoothening and moisturizing peel that does not dehydrate the skin and does not cause photosensitivity. It also has Vitamin C and E-like anti-oxidant properties which helps in skin restoration and rejuvenation. It is also the perfect skin regimen for patients with oily skin because it mattifies and regulates oil levels of the skin. Finally, it unclogs and tightens pores which aids in skin refinement. These peels do not result in peeling so there is no downtime.

What it targets:

Indicated for those who want noticeable radiance, homogeneity of tone, hydration, healthy glow, fresher look, and decreased pore size.


Transient minimal redness may be experienced right after the procedure but resolves within an hour.

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