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Be the first to learn about our exclusive offers, and newest treatments!

August 1, 2020 - By Belo Medical Group

What Did Rhian Ramos Do on Her Belo Day?

She even ran into Lovi Poe on her day out!

rhian ramos belo day

Rhian Ramos is a busy lady. In between her tapings, workouts, and everything in between, there seemed to be no off days for her…until COVID-19 hit. She was supposed to move to a new living space, but “COVID happened, and naabutan na kami ng contract, so we have to move,” she explains in her latest YouTube video. But other than slowly moving her things from one house to another, there’s one other reason she decided to step out of the house. In preparation for a photoshoot, Rhian headed to the Belo BGC flagship clinic to try our latest skin-tightening treatment, Skin Genius!

“We’re here at Belo now to try their new Skin Genius, which everyone is raving about,” she began. “[It] stimulates collagen, improves skin texture, [and] tightens it up through a combo of microneedling and radiofrequency.” 

As she entered the clinic, she talked about the measures we’ve taken to ensure everyone’s safety. “They’ve taken all precautions to make sure all their patients are safe. You step into a foot bath when you enter, then they take your temperature. Then you sanitize your hands. Then you can enter their waiting area where the furniture is wrapped, so that they can constantly wipe it down throughout the day. And even the air is sanitized!” Rhian commented, referring to our Air Intellipure machines (which are 40x more efficient than HEPA filters). At one point, she even ran into fellow Belo Baby Lovi Poe! They snapped a quick selfie and went on their way.

After removing her mask in the treatment room and doing an antiseptic gargle, it’s finally time for her treatment. “Skin Genius time! They start off by cleaning your face. Then they apply EMLA, a topical anesthesia, to numb your face for comfort.” Then, something hilarious happened to Rhian: “So i accidentally licked my lips, including the EMLA cream, and now my tongue is numb.” Whoops! 

Rhian goes on to explain that everyone’s downtime will be different. Then, a little bit about the science behind the procedure: “Because there’s microneedling, needles are involved, so it does micro injuries in the face. They say that’s what delivers them to create the frequency underneath.” (RELATED: What Makes Skin Genius So Effective?)

After her treatment, Rhian noticed that her cheeks were more lifted, her eyes were more open, and her jawline was more defined! But we won’t spoil the entire video for you—scroll back up to see the full vlog, and then head here to book your own Skin Genius appointment.

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