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Be the first to learn about our exclusive offers, and newest treatments!

December 17, 2018 - By Belo Medical Group

What Getting A Belo Makeover Is Really Like

We got the scoop from a real patient!

Cheryl Prudente Belo makeover

By now, you’ve probably seen our biggest Belo Transformation of the year with one of our loyal patients, Cheryl Prudente. While some would think that the cosmetic changes she’s undergone are extreme, Dr. Mina Managing Physician of the Belo Medical Group explains, “It’s actually more about enhancing your features, your best features, and whatever it is you feel that is your personal setback. It’s bringing out the best version of yourself. Improving your overall appearance.”

When it comes to Belo transformations, each one is different and personalized depending on the patient’s needs and consultation with the doctor. For some, they may need to go through surgical procedures. For others, non-surgical treatments (or sometimes a combination of both) is what they prefer. If you’re curious about enhancing your current features, read our Q&A with Cheryl below to learn more about her belo makeover experience.

Q: Why did you choose to have your transformation done at Belo?
A: With Belo, I know that I’m safe. The doctors are good, and I haven’t really heard any bad comments or bad surgery about Belo. Of course, since it was my first time, I also wanted to make sure that I went to the best.

Q: What procedures did you do?
A: The first procedure that I did was Botox Masseter to make my jawline smaller. I did Belo Thermage and I also do the Angel Whitening Laser treatment regularly.

Q: When did you see results?
A: With Botox Masseters, probably after two weeks, my jawline became smaller. It wasn’t too wide anymore. After a month I did Thermage, that was when my face was at its best. It became lifted, glowing, and my skin became clearer, my cheeks became pinkish, too. That was the best, for me.

Q: What was the reaction of your family and friends after seeing the results? Or were there any changes in your life that occurred after this?
A: My mom was really mad at me the first time. She told me I should be contented with what the Lord gave me. Because when I get older, that’s when I’ll see the effects. But now, I think otherwise, because she also likes getting herself treated. When she saw that I’m happy, my mom became happy, too.

Q: How do you feel now after the whole transformation?
A: I’m really happy with my life now because of this. I really saved up for this because the joy of being beautiful is different. You will be at your best. Ikaw yung magiging best version ng sarili mo. Hindi ka magiging ibang tao. Ikaw parin yun, pinaganda lang.

Want to begin your Belo Transformation, too? Schedule a consultation with our doctors by clicking here or calling 819-BELO (2356).